Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A whole lot of changes

Hello, yes it has been months since I have written here, perhaps no one reads anymore, but alas I do have much to share.

Since my last post we have moved into a new to us house that was GIVEN to us, it is over twice the size of our old tiny shack and we are sooo blessed. I have so thoroughly enjoyed painting, putting in flooring and working at decorating this wonderful new space and making it all ours. It has also been such a blessing to be able to host guests in this house. We have had a few get togethers with friends and family and it has made my heart so glad to be able to open up my home and welcome others in.
Our other big change has been  something I have hoped and prayed for since I was a teenager, and despite the fact that it is not me doing it but my hubby, we are still sharing in the adventure together. Les quit his full time job as a railroad engineer, and is now in full time ministry at a local Christian youth ranch as their year round full time Barn Manager/Head Wrangler. WOW. This has brought so many changes along with it. Most good, a few frustrating lol. It is a salaried position, which we had to do as we still have much small debt to repay after our house in BC was foreclosed due to our renter having a grow opp. The hours during the off season are great, but we are in full swing camp season right now and so we haven't seen him hardly at all. That has been hard on the kids especially. But we are adjusting to our new normal and I am sure two months out of the year won't kill us lol. Its amazing to see how God moved in my hubby's heart over the last year, and how open he was to follow and obey this calling. Its equally amazing how He wooed my heart to be open and tender to saying yes when Les first approached me about it. I could go on, but my writing time is very limited these days as I am basically a single mom for the summer and wow thats been trying. So I will leave you with this for now and hope to share some more farmyard adventures with you soon.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Nathaniel's Story

On January 3rd we welcomed our beautiful 5th baby, a son, into our arms and heart! Nathaniel John Moses weighed in at 8 lbs 9 oz and 21 in long!! Our longest and heaviest baby! We are truly blessed!
First off, I know it has been many months since I have written on this blog, I apologize. I was sick for many months of his pregnancy, and then later on I developed gestational diabetes. I now have a great compassion for those who suffer from diabetes. Having to prick your fingers four times a day to check your sugar levels and then give yourself four shots of insulin a day is incredibly unpleasant and difficult to manage while trying to care for a family. I am so thankful that despite the possibility, I did not keep the diabetes after having him.  But there is still an increased likelihood that I will develop it in the future, so I am transitioning myself into a low glycemic lifestyle. Enter the Trim Healthy Mama book and way of eating. I have been so thankful for the advice and knowledge found in the pages of this book! I am so proud to share that I have lost 45 lbs in less than three months, I am less than my pre-pregnancy weight and I feel amazing! I still have 50 lbs to go, but for the first time I feel so confident that I can reach that goal!
I have much more to share with you, such as how we came up with his name, how we are dealing with a very colicky baby, the new to us house we are getting in two weeks!! But the colicky baby is screaming right now and it is incredibly difficult to think clearly enough to write, so I will save those things for another post!
Blessings to you and yours