Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Reno'd bedroom, chicks and playground!

Life is finally starting to settle in around here, sort of! Trying to get back into a routine, and get my family back to normal! I wanted to post some pictures, with my new camera and show you our bedroom after the renos! And I wanted to show you how big and beautiful my chickies are-so without further ado-

Love my new room, love my new bedding, love the pine trim! Love  love  love!

Of course I had just given them some scratch to put them back in their pen as one of my dear children left the door open! So all you see  is their  cute patoots!

We were given a chicken from our neighbors poor thing stands out ! We have no idea what she is-other than a bantam of some sort!

Redneck playground! Lol! We bought these as we are going to be building our own  playcentre!

Grandma's gift! How can you tell she likes John Deere??!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Playing catch up and my 10th anniversary present!

This has been such a disjointed summer, filled with chaos and crazy weather. We are finally back living in our own house (thank goodness!) We finished up our bedroom today, with the exception of three pieces of trim on the ceiling! We are all moved back in and I am just loving the new floors, new paint and beautiful pine trim!! Later this week I get to pick up a new bedding set then I will take a pic to share with you!

Speaking of pictures-I got my 10th anniversary present a little early- a new camera!! In case you haven't noticed-my pics on here have been terrible-but no more! My hubby bought me the Canon rebel T3i as a gift for sharing 10 wonderful years together! Yes I know he is the best and no  he doesn't have any brothers! *grin*
So I just had to share a few pics taken this evening, without me reading the instruction manual and with no touch ups or corrections-did I mention I am in LOVE!!!
                                                                             the very first pic
                                                                   Dirty face sorry!
                                                                            Serious/ pouty face!
                                                                       My little blue eyed angel!
MR. Handsome, we won't mention that it was grandma
who shaved his head without mommies permission!

My big girl, with really crazy hair!!

So yes I am having much fun with my new toy! Can't wait to get out tommorow and shoot some outdoor pics! After I finally clean my house top to bottom that is lol! Finally getting everything back in its place! Very much looking forward to organization and lack of chaos!
Many more pics to follow!
Blessings, Erin

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Adventures in homesteading

This week has been an exasperating week here on the farm, in fact it has been a frustrating month all around lol!
To start with, we are currently living in my folks basement, due the severe mosquito problem in our little house. That in itself is frustrating!  However we are on the last leg of renovating our bedroom, we had to strip it right back to the studs-found out we had NO insulation in the walls or ceiling! ( No wonder we froze this winter!) So we are insulated now, we have the drywall up and I have the third coat of mud over the tape and nails and corners, just have the last sanding to do and then can start putting up the primer and paint! Hopefully by the end of this week we will be back in our own house!

So on to the newest drama! Yesterday I had sent Julianna out to feed the baby chicks, we share the responsibility as the waterer is to heavy for her to lift, so she feeds and I water! Well a minute or so after she is out the door I here shouting-I ran out the door and saw immediately what the problem was-we had a yearling heifer break through the fence and get into the yard the day before, we have another set of cows in the yard site pasture that haven't calved yet, so it wasn't a big deal that she was out. So mom and I just left her for the men to take care of this weekend when they got home as they move groups of cattle around on the lease and to different pastures every weekend and then they could fix the fence-note that mom and I are completely capable of fixing fence, it was just that they guys would be home in a day or two and it wasn't a big deal.
Well that morning when I came running I discovered that the horses,  that were also in the same pasture with the yearling heifers, broke through the fence and where getting into all my chicken feed in our woodshed (temporary housing for our feed!) They destroyed 6 bags of feed-half of which were organic feed that I had to order in and pay a lot more for than the cracked wheat and chick starter-but still I had to drive the hour to the nearest feed store and pay 65 bucks to replace the non organic feeds-and order in the organic feed! I was soooo angry with those horses!!!!!! We have also been storing our pop cans/water bottles/milk jugs in the shed temporarily and they had taken all those bags and shaken them everywhere-I found cans and bottles all over the yard site, and they even opened the sealed feed bags and shook them out everywhere. And to top it off I had just gotten the grass in the yard to start growing nicely I had spread some black dirt from the manure pile and spread it out to fill in all the holes as where our house is was once one of the horse pastures (ironic I know!)  And now there is a huge slimy muddy mess where their hooves dug up my nice yard GRRRR. I would show you some pictures but my camera battery is dead and the charger is in my dresser which happens to be on the back bottom of the pile in our living room buried!
Well that is just a few of the adventures going on here!
Hope you are having a wonderful long weekend!