Sunday, October 21, 2012

More adventures in homesteading(Edited to add photos!)

We have finished our chicken coop and huge wonderful run-thanks to my hubby who worked on it during his holidays this year! We have moved our new chicks (who are already 6 weeks old!) out of the brooder and into the big coop. We set up a temporary divider both in the coop and outside in the run. They are so much happier now! And growing like crazy! Their feed bill is starting to hurt a bit! As I am buying purely organic feed for them and the grass has stopped growing in the run *gulp* Good thing they are worth it, and that we are selling most of them! All that is left is for me to paint everything and for Les to put the people door on properly to get into the run. This is where more adventures begin...

We have had a really bad wind storm the last couple of days (which is usually what happens right before the weather changes so am now bracing myself for some COLD and SNOW) Les had just put up a temporary door into the run out of a piece of old plywood. In the wind it had blown down and I had gone out twice to put it back up and try to brace it into place. I guess I was unsuccessful for when the kids went outside to get into the vehicle to head to AWANA both dogs were eating two of my chicks!!! GRRRR I was so mad at them! So I chased them with the van, honking my horn, I chased them all the way to mom's and she put them both on a leash for the rest of the day and night. Needless to say when Les got home from work that night he got right at fixing that door!

In other homesteading news, we have some new additions to the farm. A couple weeks ago Les brought home 8 rabbits from an auction sale he went to (thankfully it wasn't horses as he has a really bad habit of buying horses at these auctions when we can't afford them lol!) These rabbits are for meat. There are four males and four females, Les picked the best of the males and put him in with Benjamin's female Freckles-we should be getting babies in about two or three weeks!! Then he put the females in what was the chicks brooder and the males he put in the rebuilt moveable hutch that he put much stronger wire on, so the dogs don't get in this time!

And one other new animal is a horse the girls have named Cash (because of all the cash they are going to win barrel racing with him lol) We had been hoping and praying for a really good kids horse, we had gone to a couple of auctions that were advertising really well broke kids horses, but they were going out of our price range. All summer we had been hoping to get another horse because despite the fact that there are over 16 horses on this ranch, only three of them are broke for riding, and two are young and still spook easily and the other is my dads OLD ranch horse that he's had since I was born, and has a bad leg and doesn't listen lol! The girls started taking riding lessons at our wonderful neighbors house ( we just love her, and she also teaches cubbies at our church for awana) Her and her husband have a neighbor that wanted to sell this older really well broke horse. Les went to see him, was so impressed that he bought him on the spot! He got him really cheap as the guy lives in the city and was just boarding him out at this neighbors farm and didn't want to feed him over the winter. So praise the Lord we now have a bomb proof kids horse!

Well that is all for now, I will leave you with some pictures of the coop and rabbit hutches!
The male rabbit hutch

Curious chickens, they always come running to me!

The big chickens run, and you can see the new wind fence in the background

The main coop, awaiting paint and a proper door to the little chicks run

See the plywood door!

Freckles and Floppy Ears! Our breeding hutch

This is a terrible pic, but this is our makeshift brooder, it was here when we moved ..
We had cleaned out the woodshed that day to make room for all the wood, so all the feed storage was sitting out! It too is awaiting paint!

Les set up a work table for me, so that when he is cutting with the chain saw, I can be cutting the pile of old rails from the old fences he and my dad to out.

We filled our woodshed about half full in about two hours, it sure helps to have so many extra hands!!

What is left of the wood Les drug home through the summer, some really nice big birch logs! He has them all bucked up now, just needs more time to finish splitting it all!

The other side of the run, if you really look you can see the split in the middle

The pile of old rails I get to chop up with the chop saw!

We also got started on the insulation for the is a really slow process!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Some random fall photos

A few weeks ago a really good friend and I did our annual fall photo shoot. When we first started we each only had one child, now there are seven between us! This of course made for a very interesting attempt at photos lol! I love taking fall pics of the kids, however my new camera and I were not agreeing on things *smile* in other words I spent much of the time fighting with learning how to use it in manual mode and having many photos not turn out. In the end I got a few really good ones, and thats what counts! So here is a fall photo buffet!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yarn Along!

Well its been awhile since I posted, fall is such a busy time of year!!
So here are my current works in progress, both milo vests!
I made the wine colored one in the 12 month size but extended the length per the moms request
It is for our dear friends little girl for her 1st birthday! I was so pleased with how it turned out-my first milo, and my first attempt at cables. I was pretty pleased with myself I have to say! And cables were not as hard as i thought they would be!
The little blue one is for our new violin teachers little boy-his name is River... they are outdoorsy, eclectic kind of people and she loves hand knittted things, so I thought I would make one for him. I am knitting it in the 9 month size, as he was a ten pound baby, so it should fit him over the winter, and I am using the owl cable, which I think is just so sweet!
As for reading, I forgot to take a picture but I have been reading a Walm*rt find, a book on how to make your own cloth diapers, with a bunch of pics and styles etc, and I am reading Kisses from Katie, I follow this amazing young women's blog, and was so excited to buy her book at my local christian book store! What an incredible story of faith, it is such a good book! I highly recommend it!
Well that is all for now, I leave you with the knitting pics, oh and don't forget to head over to Ginny's to see what others are working on!