Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy Birthday to the sweetest 1 year old!

My baby turns one today...trying really hard not to cry about that! This little girl has stolen all our hearts! She is doted on by everyone in our family and her dimpled grins and cute little character have endeared her to pretty much anyone she meets!

At one you are pulling yourself up on all the furniture-but not letting go yet! You are a little chatter box (how could you not be with two older chatterbox sisters!) You can say eight words already! Hi, hot, owieee (in a high pitch whiny voice lol) mommy, daddy, papa and kitty!

You love to snuggle! And give kisses-wide open mouth ones ( and sometimes you try to give me tongue!) You wave hi and bye, and you can blow kisses (sooo cute). You have such a little personality! You are always making us laugh with all your funny faces and goofy antics!

Olivia I am so thankful for you, you have filled our family with so much joy, and brought us all closer together. You have even managed to wrap your daddy around your baby finger! He has never been so willing to change a diaper, and he even insists on me leaving you with him when I have to run to town-this is highly unusual!

Baby girl I can't wait to see who you grow up to be, but please don't grow so fast!
We love you!
Happy 1st Birthday!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy ninth birthday!

Today my oldest daughter is nine! I really don't know where the time has gone.
Julianna, you are such a sweet special girl. You have a servants heart, and this year I have seen you grow so much in your walk with God! You read your bible all the time, you are so eager to learn everything you can about Him, as well as everything else! You are such a blessing to me, you are very helpful around our home, you adore your baby sister and love to dote on her. You are always willing to help you brother or sister, and so patient and kind in showing them how to do new things. I love you so much sweetheart! I can't wait to see the beautiful girl you grow up to be!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yarn along!

I finished it!!! In time for the baby shower! (I am really bad for trying to finish things by a certain time and always fail miserably!) The little Milo for River, with the owl cables-I love it!
I also finished (all but the weaving in of the ends!) two frilly scarves for Christmas presents! Those things work up sooo fast! Next project -that I am going to cast on this evening is a scarf for myself, I liked the colors of this yarn-King Cole twist Aran. So hopefully there will be some progress as it has been snowing here like crazy and really there is not much else that is more enticing than knitting  in front of my wood stove, while the snow falls!!!!
Happy crafting and don't forget to join along with Ginny for yarn along and see what everyone is creating!