Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yarn Along and the heartbreak of farm life

I have lots of pic to share with you, pics of our new babies, my baby and of course my knitting-I haven't accomplished a lot this week in the knitting department. I have been too busy caring for all the little babies in my life as well as volunteering at VBS this week in the nursery. I am loving this longies pattern, and how quick it works up, and now that I am working on my second go round it just keeps getting easier! I am past the three short rows, so it is smooth sailing till splitting for the legs!|

 Now to the heart break...remember the cute bunnies I showed you in the last post? Well its a long story but their pen was broken into by the dog (we didn't know this at the time) . So the next day we went to a ladies house in a nearby town and picked up three other little bunnies. The next day we were out in the garden in the evening and there we found one of the bunnies munchin on some tall grass! We were able to catch it and put it back where it belonged, so now we had four bunnies.

Well last night Les moved the bigger chicks into the new coop-that still isn't quite done yet-as well as the bunnies, and moved the little 6 day old chicks into the other makeshift coop. The new coop has a dirt floor. This morning when Les checked on them-they had dug out and were all gone. This evening as we were sitting on the deck eating our supper as its above 30 here, the dog goes trotting by with Benjamin`s bunny hanging from its mouth... of course all three kids saw and burst into hysterical tears and sobs, even my little man who knew it was his bunny and who had wanted them the most, was bawling his little three year old heart out. Both mommy and grandma were in tears because they were so upset.

 My oldest has such a heart for God, and she just kept saying, why did God make Star (the dog) if she was going to eat their bunnies. It is so hard to explain that Star was being the way God created her, and that small animals are low on the food chain, but she was just so upset. So if you would, please pray for my littles as their hearts are breaking.

                                                   Their first home-the wood box
                                                  Their second home-the swimming pool!
                                                       They grow sooo fast!

                                                 Ahemm don`t mind the cle*vage
                                                       My little bright eyes
                                                      The longies
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

yarn along and a surprise!

I missed the last two yarn alongs because we have had our hands full lately! We've been working on finishing up our chicken coop, we had a baby girl with the measles-or so they think, and we have had to stay in my parents basement for the last week because of an extreme mosquito problem in our house *sigh* So needless to say we have been busy, however I did manage to cast on a new project-I am doing another pair of longies for Olivia-in the next size up, and in the sweetest butter yellow yarn!!!

As for reading-I have been reading up on poultry-researching organic feed sources and mixes for mixing our own, unfortunately it is really hard to find a local source for organic feed-the closest being two and a half hours away...
In other news
I am so exicted to show you my pics this week, because a couple weeks ago we went to a heritage breed show and sale, and came home with 6 exhibition quality buff orpington chicks, they are about 10 weeks old now we think and I just LOVE them!!! And we also came home with two  bunnies because we brought our little guy with us and he was so upset when we put the chickens in the carrier and not any bunnies-so we brought home two! 
And I got the call this morning that our 50 hatchery chicks (also buff orps) are in at the feed store and we get to pick them up this morning!! So more pics to follow soon!!

So without further ado I am linking up with Ginny  for her weekly yarn along!

                                                                 Flopsy and Mopsy

                                                               Poor little measles girl
                                                           And the sweet longies!