Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

May the Lord richly bless you and yours this Christmas and throughout the coming year!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Yarn Along / KCCO

Good morning! Today is a chilly day here in Alberta, however it is about 15 degrees warmer than it was this weekend so I won't complain!
I have worked on and finished several projects in the last few weeks, but sadly was unable to post them and join along with Ginny and Nicole! So this week I determined that I am going to this week! Even if I have to take pictures in the dark!
My current wip is a scarf for myself, which I have hardly touched because I finished 7 frilly sashay scarves in the last few weeks as Christmas gifts! I have also been trying to get to my huge sewing list, as we are doing a handmade Christmas this year! I was able to make a sweet little skirt for my middle daughter, I still need to finish two seams with the serger and topstich over the hem and add some embellishment, but it is mostly done lol! I have more of the same beautiful fabric so I am going to make a similar skirt for Julianna.
As for reading, I was given a couple of easy read Christmas books, I have read one of them, just for some light reading, not sure if I will get to the others!
Hope you are all enjoying crafting this week and don't forget to head over to Ginny's  and Nicole'sto see what all the other ladies are working on!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Three new additions to the homestead!

Technically they were born two weeks ago-however, they are sooo tiny and naked and their mothers will eat them if we disturb them at all, that we haven`t actually seen them until today!
Baby bunnies!!!
There are three, two black and one honey colored. They are sooo soft and sweet and cute and oh I am gushing lol! I LOVE baby bunnies!
The girls were delighted today when they went out to feed and water them, and to their surprise three little balls of fluff hopped around chasing each other! They came running to the house to tell me all about them! Then begged me to come see ( of course I was going to anyway!)
Seriously-there is no cuter baby than a baby bunny!
As soon as it warms up I will go take a picture of them! So stay tuned for major  cuteness!

In other homesteading news, we loaded 110 square bales into the horse trailer yesterday from a neighbor, to go around the bottom of our house-we are now officially hill billy`s... I had hoped they would get put up today, but dad and Les are hosting a group Christmas party from the city today, taking them sleigh riding and having a bonfire out in the back woods, roasting chestnuts over the open fire, and having hot dogs and hot chocolate!  Trouble is it is -25 and much colder with the wind chill! Sure hope everyone dressed warmly!
Guess my house will have to wait until tommorow!
Also wanted to tell you that my buff orpington`s are finally laying! I am now getting on average 16 eggs per day! Needless to say we have had scrambled eggs several times this week!
Well that about sums up what`s happening around here!
Better go put more wood on the fire! Hope you all are staying warm!

Monday, December 3, 2012

The birthday tea party!

Julianna has been asking for a tea party birthday for awhile now, so this year I thought ok-we can do this! I am pretty proud of how it all turned out! The girls were all required to dress in their favorite fancy dresses ( and to bring a change of clothes for going outside).
I have to admit that I searched pinterest for some idea's as I am not that creative when it comes to the finer details! There sure are some elaborate party decor's out there!
We went with a pink/yellow/white theme, the table was set with 7 different mini tea sets, I made mini cupcakes, mini sugar cookies ( I had lots of help decorating them!) little jam heart sandwiches and jelly pinwheels. They had apple cinnamon tea, and were able to serve themselves cream and sugar. I explained to them how high tea started in England, and why people still enjoy it today. Then Julianna served all her guests, and they chatted away! It was quite cute! My girls also bought Olivia a little plastic tea set so she could participate in the tea party! She was sooo cute!
Once they were done tea, they played downstairs (by the way this is all taking place at my parents house across the yard from us as we don''t have room in this little cottage!)
Then after awhile they all went outside to join the boys and men for a sleigh ride. Les and my dad had hooked up both teams and so they had two sleighs going, which always makes for lots of fun as they chase eachother, play catch up and try pushing eachother off lol! After everyone came in and warmed up, we served an early supper, and a bunch more appetizers and junk food!
All in all I think it was a very successful party, and the girls were so thrilled with how it worked out-which of course makes me happy!
So here are a few party pics-not as many as I would like, because my sd card was full!!! Gahhh!
These first two are the morning before the party-Olivia with her new tea set!

The girls were pretty happy with the decor, Les and I were up till midnight the night before to finish decorating!

With one of the cute cousins!

All gone mama! Where`s more!